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On this page, I have linked my entire list of YouTube channels I fully own. I invite anyone to independently verify my past results and see my experience for yourself. Not all of my channels are currently active now, but all of these earned a full-time income or more at one point.

I believe that who you learn from is just as important as what you are learning. And the most powerful way to identify someone worth learning from, versus all the fakes and posers - is simply if they have actually done the thing they are teaching.

I started on YouTube in 2011, and since then have gained over 18,000 hours of experience actually doing YouTube myself, and I am still posting on many channels today.

I have been very fortunate in life and already made a lot of money - At this point, I deeply believe I have an inherent duty to YouTube creators to pass on the experience and unfair knowledge I've acquired in my career. But make no mistake - I am still actively engaged in making YouTube channels, and my income comes from my successful YouTube channels.


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1.2M Subscribers. 295M Views

73M Views from 34 Videos

Most Active Channel. 215M Views


My First Channel. 189M Views

My 2nd Oldest Channel. 331M Views




Grew a Fulltime Income in 45 Days


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